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In most cars the windshield is the largest piece of glass at the steepest angle. This means that a lot of heat and uv will come through even if your side windows are tinted.
Here you can see the temperature difference in the front seat between a car with Llumar windshield film and one without it. After noticing that the measurement was in Celcius and I have no idea what that means. So I went ahead and looked up the difference in Farenheit. With Llumar film it is 100 and without it is 129. 29 degree difference would probably be noticeable.
Windshield Tint
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Indiana window tint law allows for a strip or "brow" across the top of the windshield. We recommend a 15% film when doing a brow as this will shade the sun well. If you are interested in tinting the entire windshield there are a couple of options. We can do a 35% full windshield if you have a note from your optometrist. The other option is to use our Air 80 film which is legal and provides 99.9% uv rejection, cuts glare and decreases heat by over 40% while the vehicle is stationary.