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BMW Audio Upgrade with Assist Solution

A good customer who likes BMW came in for an audio upgrade. This is his 3rd BMW that we upgraded so we had a good idea of what he wanted. He drove up from Greewood to get his Car Audio upgraded here in Noblesville.
We knew that he didn't want a sub box in the truck and that he had a budget that we had to work within.  To provide a good windows down listening experience
We started with a Hertz Audio HE4 4 channel amplifier.  For the money this amp is tough to beat.
We used the front channels on a set of Hertz Energy series speakers that we installed in the front doors with plenty of dynamat. The doors accomodated 4 inch mids and a separate tweeter.
We also replaced the rear speakers with Hertz Energy speakers and shoehorned a pair of 5.25 inch speakers in the rear deck. We ran the rear speakers off the Pioneer DEH-X8500BH since we didn't want as much power back there.
We were able to get a lot more output from the factory subs under the front seats by running the rear speakers output from the amp into them.
Now for the curveball. The BMW has an integrated LAN system which was looking for the factory audio system for the BMW Assist system which is similar to Onstar. Because it couldn't find the OE audio system he got an annoying light on his dash.
To solve this problem we disassembled the factory radio. We ended up with 2 circuit boards that we insulated and installed in the dash below the new radio. We also made sure the factory amp was installed and connected. This eliminated the annoying light and he was happy.