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1200 Horsepower Viper

This black Viper came in on a trailer about a week ago and we were chomping at the bit to add an Xtreme audio system to it.

Viper Viper

When we begin on a big project like this the first thing we do is prep and protect.  Heavy traffic areas are taped off with our giant roll of masking tape and plastic.


The stock audio system includes a 6" woofer in the center of the back wall of the car.  A single 6" woofer in a car with a V10 combined with twin turbos just isn't going to get it done.  So the first thing we had to figure out is how to build a subwoofer worthy of the car.  The good news is that this car has deep foot wells so we focused on the passenger side and started building a fiberglass enclosure for a JL Audio 10W3.


The subwoofer is in and it looks and sounds great.
You can also see the mille crossovers which will be under the seat.

The owner of this vehicle really doesn't like stock speaker grilles or factory grilles so we built several custom speaker grilles.  For the doors we started with some acrylic and cutout mesh that came with the Hertz Mille MLK 165 components we are putting in the door.  Here you can see the wip progress.
Viper Viper

The finished product is very polished and classy.  Here is the in the right door in front of the Mille 6.5" woofer.
To get the most out of the 10W3 we will be running a JL Audio XD600/1 subwoofer amplifier.
We are also using the 6 channel XD with each channel bridged.  We just measure the output of this amp today with our oscilliscope and we saw a strong 200 watts per channel of clean power.  It almost doubled that when we really over drive it but we could see some distortion at those levels.
Here they are tucked away in a corner of the trunk.

We are almost done.  I need to grab some images of the custom grille we installed in the center console speaker enclosure.  It is built out of a 2 inch think chunk of aluminum...

Here are a couple of pictures of the center console finished.  I grabbed a picture from outside the car.  It is a little grainy but you can see the viper head.


Behind the grille is a Hertz Audio High Energy 6.5" XL woofer.  We took the factory enclosure and reinforced it and dynamatted it.  The amount of output is impressive.

After setting the gains with our oscilliscope and tweaking the EQ using our RTA the system was dialed in very well.  This is the best sounding convertible I have ever heard.