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Remote Car Starters 101

The remote car starter has been helping people enjoy a cold morning for many years now. They have become so popular that car manufactures have started offering them as options on new vehicles. If you have ever had a vehicle with a factory keyless entry system you probably know the range is not that great. One big benefit from an after-market system is that the range is at least triple the distance as compared to a factory system.
The benefits to a remote starter system are pretty easy to explain. Who would want to wake up in the morning roll over to the night stand and start their vehicle with the push of a button? By the time you wake up fully and get out of bed your vehicle is already on its way to being warm. By the time you get out of the shower the windshield has been warmed up enough to melt away the snow and ice. By the time you walk out to your vehicle it is warm and there is no need for the ice scraper. That, in a nutshell, is the cold morning cycle of the remote car starter. No longer do you need scrape ice or brush snow off the windshield.
If you are a person that dreads getting into your vehicle on a hot summer day, the remote car starter can help you as well. Just like it helps people warm their car, it does the exact same thing to cool your automobile. Instead of leaving the heat cranked, just remember to turn the AC on full blast. So the next time you are debating on how to get around sitting on your hot leather seats, just remember to remote start the car. Five minutes later you have a cooler more enjoyable seat to sit in.
Having a system installed on your vehicle may not be as painful as you think. Most systems only take a few hours to install so by the time you get off work your ready to go. The only thing difference will be the next morning drive to work will be a lot more enjoyable.
Remote Car Starters Operation Video
Check out Treeboy's Eyewitness 13 interview as he demonstrates the operation of our remote car starters. Find out what remote car starting options we have available to suit your needs as he discusses the pros, cons, and installation accessibility of our various models. Watch the video now!

Our techs have been in the business for many years so they have seen just about every snag you can run into. However, with the new cars coming out, they do tend to learn new nuances from time to time. The remote start system its self is a very universal and fairly simple device to install. Where the skilled professionals are set apart is when it comes to interfacing the system with a given factory anti-theft system. Most vehicles produced from 2000 and on have some form of an anti-theft system built in from the factory. The trick is getting the factory anti-theft system to communicate with the remote start system. This is made easier with a wide array of security interfaces made by various manufacturers. These interface products tap onto the factory data bus system and from there give us most of the information we need to make the system work. About 80% of the hard work is normally taken care of by the interface leaving 20% on the knowledge of the technician. Experience is really the key when it comes to working with the factory data bus systems and knowing which wires do what. This really can only be achieved by working with them on a daily basis and constantly receiving training on new platforms.