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Air 80

This is a special nano-ceramic film intended for two main uses. It is great if you want to do your entire windshield and still be legal. It also works very well on suv or minvan window which come from the factory with tinted windows which provide no uv or infrared protection. The Air 80 can be added to add uv and infrared protection with only a small visible light decrease. Even though the film is light it also provides a high level of anti-glare capability.

Pro Ceramic Film

  • Highest level of uv (99.9%), infrared and total solar energy rejection. (Keeps your car cool.)
  • No impact to cell phone signals.
  • Will never fade.
  • Matches factory window tint in most vehicles.
  • Decreases vehicle heat up to 29 degrees F
  • Scratch Resistant coating
  • Lifetime Warranty

Premium Film

  • Higher uv and infrared rejection (99.9%) to keep your vehicle cooler than comparable films.
  • The premium line also has uv stable dye so it will not fade with time.
  • Matches factory window tint in most vehicles.
  • Scratch Resistant coating
  • Lifetime Warranty

Standard Film

  • Scratch Resistant coating
  • High quality Llumar construction
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Fades some over time
Our base window tint pricing covers most vehicles but there are several exceptions such as but not limited to: F-250's, VW Beetles, dirty cars, old cars etc. Call with questions.
Vehicle Type standard premium pro ceramic air 80
4 door Tint 175 250 400 400
2 door Tint 150 200 300 300
Brow (Strip top of Windshield) 35 45 55 55
Front Window 75 100 150 150
Small SUV, Wagon, Crossover 200 275 450 450
Large SUV 250 375 550 550
D&P 70 100 150 150
Tint Safe Cleaner With Quality Microfiber Towel 15.00
If your vehicle has existing window film that needs to be removed we charge $25 a window for side windows. Back windows and windshields are $75 - $100 each.
Send us your Questions. We will get back with you.