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5 Upgrades For Truck Lovers

So you or your spouse just got into a new truck, and you’re quickly getting the truck fever that so many current and former truck owners have known. If you’re looking to get a truck that’s the biggest, baddest, most durable, and most comfortable truck around, then there are a few upgrades you can’t overlook.

For truck customizations that will improve the value of your vehicle and the comfort of your ride, there’s no one better than Xtreme Vehicle Designs in Noblesville for all your needs. We do all types of auto electronic installations, interior and exterior customizations, and have Line-X applications available to reinforce your vehicle. Here’s a few things that you might want to start with when building your dream vehicle.

Must-Have Upgrades for New Truck Owners

While there’s lots of things that you can do to your truck to make it more stylish or fun, they don’t all add to your quality of life. All of the upgrades shown here will help maintain the comfort and value of your vehicle or add a layer of protection to anything you might be transporting.

Line-X Spray-in Bedliner

The first step to a more durable truck starts with the truck bed, where everything work-related typically goes. For some of us, a truck is only as good as what it can haul. With Line-X applications, you’re guaranteed to have a truck bed that stands up to everything you might throw in it. Without a Line-X application, you or your significant other’s truck bed will become dented and may even be punctured by the heavy loads they’re carrying. For anyone in construction, landscaping, or other labor industries, Line-X spray-in bed liners are a must-have to protect the value of their vehicle.

While a spray-in bed liner will likely be the first step for new truck owners who are looking to protect their investment, Line-X can be applied to various parts of your vehicle.

Tonneau Covers and Running Boards

When it comes to making your truck into a working man’s truck, running boards and tonneau covers are essential.

Often called by other names such as nerf bars or truck steps, running boards is the proper name for those steps you often see on larger trucks. While they can make a big difference in just helping shorter people or the elderly get into a truck, running boards are particularly great for people who work or play in rough or muddy conditions. They provide something for your shoe to grip onto and can acts as a doormat to your truck, providing something for passengers to wipe their feet on before they get in. They can also help the rest of your exterior stand up to debris, as they block rocks and mud that gets kicked up by your tires.

Tonneau covers serve a similar purpose to running boards, as they both protect truck owners from wear and tear that would be unavoidable otherwise. However, while running boards typically protect you from what’s underneath your truck, tonneau covers take care of what’s falling from above. They’re a critical edition to trucks in particularly wet or cold climates, as they protect whatever you’re hauling from the snow and rain. If you’re planning to take tools to work every day, or you have to haul wood in order to heat your home, then tonneau covers are an indispensable addition that can save you money and the frustration of having your things ruined.

WeatherTech® Accessories

When it comes to protecting the interior of your vehicle, one of the best brands available is WeatherTech. As a WeatherTech diamond dealer, we proudly stock a wide range of WeatherTech truck accessories. The following are a few of our more common WeatherTech accessories.

  • Floor Mats — With WeatherTech digital fit floor mats, you can get floor mats that fit the specifications of your particular vehicle. Not only will they fit correctly, but they do more than just cover-up the floor of your vehicle. The ridges of WeatherTech digital fit floor mats are designed to trap dirt, mud, and other debris so that when they’re removed, all of the grime you’ve been trying to avoid won’t be left on the floor of your vehicle.
  • Vent Visors — WeatherTech vent visors are great for people who need to vent their windows in rainy or wet weather. For people that may have trouble defogging their windows in the wintertime, like delivery drivers, vent visors are a helpful addition.
  • Mudflaps — Mudflaps are another truck accessory that could improve the longevity and value of your truck. They may seem insignificant while flapping in the wind and dripping wet, but mudflaps can help your truck avoid dings and dents from flying rocks and debris, as well as protect the undercarriage of your car. Often, the wheel wells connect to the fender, which is connected to the bumper, which is connected to your quarter panels, and so on and so forth. When your wheel wells start to deteriorate, it could cause a chain reaction.

While all these additions would be useful accessories regardless of the brand, with WeatherTech, you know you’re getting some of the strongest, most well thought out designs in the industry.

Remote Starters

Remote starters may seem like an addition that strictly serves to make you more comfortable, but in reality, they’re so much more than that.

With the remote starters available today and at Xtreme Vehicle Designs, you can not only heat your car from the comfort of your home but also keep an eye on its status as well. You can check the battery, check the temperature, check and lock any components that open and close, monitor its location, set curfew and speeding alerts, and much more, all directly from your phone. Basically, if it’s electronic, you can connect it to your remote starter system and keep an eye on it at all times.

These features have obvious safety implications, but it’s worth remembering that having a well-heated car to walk out to can help keep you out of the cold and let you rest a little more, with all the time it will save you before and after work. So, when you take your own health into consideration, having a car you can heat from the comfort of your home is a safety feature as well.


Upgrade Your Truck Today!

When you need an upgrade to your truck or a gift for the truck lover in your life, then please consider the services of Xtreme Vehicle Designs. Not only will we install the best accessories with the best workmanship, but we’ll also help guide you in which accessories would be the best choice for you. Come into Xtreme Vehicle Designs to get the upgrade process started today!