Our Paint Protection Film can be applied hoods, fenders, grilles, mirrors, rocker panels etc. Once applied it is not noticeable until it comes time to clean the bugs off the front from the road trip across the state. Or after you found yourself behind that gravel truck.

We use a clear polyurethane film at a thickness of either 6 mils or 8 mils varying by application. We only recommend film that has been top coated. This top coat helps to protect the film from sun and debris and makes it easier to clean. We use Platinum Self Healing film from Llumar.

Xtreme Vehicle Designs is one of the few shops with a vehicle film expert on staff full time. This allows us to provide not only the highest quality window tint but also allows us to apply other film based products such as clear paint protection.

A full bumper and hood kit can get a little expensive. With the material, cut for the vehicle combined with 5 to 6 hours of labor it is not a small job. However, a custom hood kit is very reasonable. We can get you into an installed hood only installed for about $200. This is the area that seems to get the most damage from rocks and other road debris. This is a small expense compared to the value. We recommend hood paint protection for new and used cars.

We also offer a matte film which has less shine and is a good fit for the matte paint jobs.